Modern Band is having a profound impact on schools systems and music programs throughout the United States. The articles below are a representative sample of its effects.

School Modern Band Programs

Temple NewsPhiladelphia – Revitalizing music, engaging students
Logo-HartfordCourantHartford – Hartford Schools To Receive 2,000 Musical Instruments Download pdf
Logo-InTuneMonthlyNYC – Modern Band in the Big City

Modern Band Movement

Logo-SBOMagazineSchool Band and Orchestra Magazine, The Times They Are A Changin’

Modern Band Music Education

Logo-InTuneMonthlyFinding Lessons in Popular Music Download pdf


Teaching Music in Public Schools Through Rock and Roll

Modern Band impact

Increasing Graduation Rates – Music Teacher Says Jam Sessions Help Kids Graduate

Future of Music Education

Learn more about The Legacy & Future of Music Education in the video below, a powerful talk by Bob Morrison of Quadrant Arts Education Research presented as a keynote at Modern Band Rockfest 2015.