The following colleges and universities offer music teacher certification programs that incorporate modern band into their coursework.

“The Modern Band workshop showed our students that school music can be broadened to include a greater variety of styles and instrumentation. Through Modern Band, our future teachers may provide more inclusive opportunities for their students to engage in collaborative and creative music-making. The Modern Band Workshop is not just about teaching popular music. This training gives participants creative strategies for learner-led, standards-based, culturally-responsive instruction that engages ALL students.”
~Matt Clauhs, Assistant Professor of Music Education, Ithaca College

University of South Florida
Music Education at the University of South Florida is a visionary laboratory for the preparation of the next generation of music educators and scholars, and serves as a dynamic site for progressive and foundational teaching/learning and research in music education, within the context of contemporary life. Modern Band is offered as part of the MUE 3424 course called Progressive Ed Methods”

Eastern Washington University offers anEastern Washington University elective course, called MUSC 496:08 Teaching Modern Band, for music education majors that have a desire to teach modern band in the K-12 educational setting.

Montclair State University offers Modern BandMontclair State University as part of the MUED 203: Foundations to Music Education course.

Ithaca College offers Modern BandIthaca College as part of their MUED 28100: Contemporary Ensembles in Public Schools course.”

“The students at our college were very fortunate to have the opportunity to learn about popular music education from such an enthusiastic and well-informed instructor. I am certain that the students will take many of the strategies and perspectives into the field to make a lasting impression and contribution forging a future of music education.”
~Radio Cremata, Assistant Professor of Music Education

California State University-Long Beach offers Modern Band as partLogo-CSULB of their MUS 487A Emerging Methods in Music Education course.

NYU: Steinhardt School of Music offersNYU Steinhardt School of Music Popular Music Methods: Instrumental Materials & Techniques in Music Ed.

Lebanon Valley College offers Modern Band as partLebanon Valley College offers Modern Band as part of their MED 437: MUSIC TEACHING AND LEARNING II course.

Kean University includes Modern Band Kean Universityas part of the required elementary music classes in course MU 3310. This course encompasses a wide range of pedagogical techniques and theories such as Orff, Dalcroze and Suzuki.

Temple University
Temple University offers Collaboration and Creativity in the New Music Community, Music Education 1671.

Slippery Rock University
Slippery Rock University offers Music Education for Diverse Learners, MUSI-288-01

San Francisco State
San Francisco State – Course: Curriculum And Instruction I: Music, MUS 760

Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Indiana University of Pennsylvania – Course: Summer Music Workshop, MUSC 540

University of Kentucky
University of Kentucky includes Modern Band in General Music I, MUS 360-001

“At the Modern Band Workshop, teachers were equipped with the skills necessary to facilitate informal learning in the classroom. I am confident that this will create waves of change in music education across the United States as music teachers learn how to bring in more relevant pedagogies and music into their classrooms in order to engage ALL students in music education.”
~Martina Vasil, Assistand Professor of Music Education

Drake University
Drake University Course – Elementary Vocal General Music Education (K-6), MUS 360-0011

Stetson UniversityStetson University, Course – Introduction to Music Education: Principles and Methods of Diverse Learners, EDUC265

University of Florida
University of Florida incorporates Modern Band into Introduction to Music Education, MUE 2040

UCLA – Course: UCLA Student Teacher Observation and Participation, EDUC 330A

Florida International UniversityFlorida International University incorporates Modern Band in Elementary School Teaching Methods, MUE3340

Bergen Community College
Bergen Community College offers a Pop/Rock Ensemble series, MUS-120/220/221/222 where students study and perform in a variety of popular music styles.