Modern Band Summit

Modern Band Summit convenes music educators, arts administrators, and college and university professors from across the country to advance Modern Band in our schools.

This four-day professional development conference includes teacher-led workshops, special guest speakers, and nightly jam sessions that foster creativity and community in a peer network of more than 2,000 Modern Band practitioners nationwide.

Join us for Modern Band Summit – Sunday, July 8 through Wednesday, July 11 2018 at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado!

“Rockfest was simply the BEST professional learning experience I have ever had. The sessions were of the highest quality and interactive, the food was great, the after-session activities were organized, relevant and AWESOME, and I have never felt more connected to a diverse group of passionate educators.”
-Daniel Bernhardt, Music teacher in San Francisco, CA

“I arrived at this conference knowing no one, feeling unsure about how to fully implement modern band in my school, and having minimal experience playing guitar. After only three days, I made countless friends, learned and practiced how to inspire my students with modern band, and increased my guitar skills tenfold. Thank you LKR for reigniting my love of music and teaching. Can’t wait until next year!!” -Hannah Fraser, Music teacher in Connecticut

“[This conference] reminds music teachers of why we we chose this profession in the first place. To be creative and have fun. To build teams and motor-skills. To share our passion and love for the Universal Language of Music and to make it accessible to ALL!”
-Iraida Montijo, Music teacher in Miami, FL