Graphic that says the Virtual Modern Band Summit will be from July 15-17, 2020, the theme is music education in the age of digital and distance disruption, register now, and the event is sponsored by the Bohemian Foundation and the Niagara Cares Foundation

The Modern Band Summit is going virtual!

The Modern Band Summit has gone virtual! Come for the sessions you love, the timely topics, and the camaraderie that will lift our spirits. This year’s theme is Music Education in the Age of Digital and Distance Disruption. We’ll learn from national thought leaders in hands-on sessions, participate in thought-provoking panel discussions, engage in community-building activities, and prepare ourselves for a school year that promises to be unlike any other. Our children need the healing, uplifting power of music in their lives now more than ever. The Virtual Modern Band Summit is a place where we can put our heads and hearts together to explore new ways of bringing music to our students!