About Us

Modern Band Summit is a gathering of individuals from across the global Modern Band education community, including hundreds of teachers, district and state arts administrators, university professors, artists, advocacy groups, instrument manufacturers, and other motivated individuals—a singular congregation of those passionate about and participating in the rising tide of culturally-responsive music education.

Get Inspired

A leading event in promoting the concepts of Modern Band and Music as a Second Language, the conference encourages active participation and works to facilitate a safe, fun, encouraging, and communal space in which popular music educators from around the world can achieve their professional development goals.

Learn from the Best

Attendees can expect panels and keynote discussions from leading proponents and thinkers in popular music education, as well as dozens of breakout sessions for beginners and advanced Modern Band musicians alike, on topics including instrumental skills, songwriting, technology, classroom management, stage presence, dance and movement, and more. A special emphasis is placed on the diverse genres that reflect the cultures of students and the music they listen to, such as hip hop, mariachi, and others.

Have Fun!

Now in its sixth year (formerly under the name Modern Band Rockfest), the conference represents the culmination of years of cutting-edge thought leadership and research on Modern Band education…but moreover, it’s FUN! Jam sessions, performance opportunities, networking and community-building activities, social events, and master classes with local students abound throughout the four days in beautiful Fort Collins, CO.


If you are a Modern Band educator or advocate, you belong at Modern Band Summit 2018! Join the growing movement of professionals ready to collaborate, innovate, and inspire. See you there!

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