Fallin’ by Alicia Keys

Fallin’ by Alicia Keys MIDI Lesson

Learners will utilize MIDI to dissect the parts of the Alicia Keys song, “Fallin'”.

Category: MIDI and DAW with Popular Music Education

Learning objectives:

What you’ll need: A D.A.W. capable of importing MIDI

Grade levels: 6-12


  1. Drag & Drop Fallin’ – Alicia Keys.mid into a new Music Project
  2. Change the Sounds on the tracks
    • Change Bass Sound
      • Click on Instrument Icon on Bass – Electric track
      • Click on Box with < Instrument Icon and NAME > above the piano keyboard on the left to go to instrument menu
      • Click on Bass – Electric
      • Double Click on Clean Electric (window will close after selection)
      • Close Piano Keyboard Window (click on X in top left corner)
    • Change Drums Sound
      • Click on Snare Drum Icon on Drums track
      • Click on Box with < Snare Drum Icon and “Kits” > on the left 
      • Double Click on “Seventies”
      • Close Drums Window (click on X in top left corner)
    • Piano – You probably won’t need to change this sound.  If so, follow the steps from above and change sound to Grand Piano
  3. Change Time Signature to 3/4 (Click on Gear Icon in top right corner of Soundtrap window)
  4. In Soundtrap, the tempo is double the tempo on the chart

Guitar Songchart