Frequently Asked Questions

We strive to make Modern Band education as easy as possible to implement. Below are answers to some of the most common questions we receive. However, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, please let us know how we can support you by emailing or calling 973-746-7078!

What does Little Kids Rock do?

Little Kids Rock provides instruction, instruments and professional development to K-12 and collegiate educators. Our work transforms lives by restoring, expanding and innovating music programs in public schools across the country. Together, our educators have brought the transformational gift of music education to over 500,000 US public school children.

Our inclusive, student-centered approach helps increase children’s access to music education. We are pioneers in the field of Modern Band music programming and work with teachers, administrators, school districts and colleges to build large-scale music programs that are as diverse as the children they serve. Join our band!

How does the program work?

Little Kids Rock is pioneers in the field of Modern Band music programming and works with teachers, administrators, school districts and colleges to build large-scale music programs that are as diverse as the children they serve. Join our band! Please check out our For Educators Page for more details.

Who is eligible for a workshop?

Any educator that works in a K-12 or Collegiate setting or is in a college teacher preparation program. Click here to Apply

Do I qualify to attend the workshop for free or receive free instruments?

Through the generous support of our funders and the hard work of the Little Kids Rock Team, we are able to waive the fees of our workshops and underwrite the costs of the instruments if you meet the following criteria:

To have the costs of the workshop underwritten, you must:

  • Be a full-time public school teacher
  • Teach in a partner district (list of partner districts)
  • Attend the workshop in its entirety
  • Register with Little Kids Rock
  • Offer Modern Band classes at your school as either part of an existing or a new class
  • Participate in the online community

In some cases, Little Kids Rock is able to provide an instrument donation to start your Modern Band program. To be eligible to receive free instruments, you must:

  • Meet all of the qualifications above
  • Be a teacher in a partnering district where we have current funding
  • Fill out an Instrument Application when registering for a workshop
  • *Availability of instrument donations will be dependent on current available funding for your city and total number of teacher applicants.

I qualify for the workshop, so what do I receive?

All Educators Receive a Modern Band Starter Pack which includes:

  • Complete set of Modern Band curricula ($250 Value)
  • Technology resources such as Band-in-a-Box, Four Chords, and JamZone ($150 Value)
  • Discounts on instruments
  • Discounted registration to the annual Modern Band Conference
  • Becoming part of the best online music education community on the planet (priceless)

After attending the workshop, what happens next?

After successful completion of the workshop, educators register with Little Kids Rock and become part of our amazing online community. Every educator is also asked to keep an online portfolio that provides you with a tool to track progress and document the inspiring work you do every day!

What is the Little Kids Rock methodology?

Little Kids Rock has drawn on the work of noted researchers and practitioners in the fields of education and music to form its own methodology, Music as a Second Language. This method focuses on learning music the same was as one would acquire a language with an added emphasis on composition and improvisation.

I’m IN! How do I get Modern Band at my school, district or college?

If you are an educator at public school, click here to apply. District administrators, connect with us about joining the movement!. If you are a college educator, learn more about collegiate programs or email

I have submitted my application to become a Little Kids Rock teacher. Now what?

If there is a workshop already scheduled in your city, we will review your application carefully and contact you via email to let you know if you have been accepted. If there is no workshop currently scheduled in your city, you are welcome to travel to attend the workshop nearest you.

I don’t qualify for a workshop. Can I still be part of the program?

Yes. We have awesome free resources from Lesson Plans to a full curriculum.

Do you have a conference I can attend?

Why Yes! Little Kids Rock hosts a Modern Band Conference every year in Fort Collins, Colorado that is attended by hundreds of educators from around the country, school administrators, colleges and many of instrument partners. Click here for the latest details.