Little Kids Rock supports transformational music programming in a diverse set of K-12 school districts across the U.S. We work in partnership with thousands of principals and school teachers who are committed to ensuring that all children receive the many benefits of music education, regardless of their personal circumstances. If you are interested in learning more about how your school or district can become a part of our movement to restore, expand, and innovate music programming for kids, please see our professional development offerings below, and connect with us directly for more information.

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Our professional development and their accompanying online music education resources are designed to build professional skills in new and innovative areas of school music pedagogy in order to help music teachers successfully run modern band programs.

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“I must say, as a partner, Little Kids Rock brings a powerful rigor and relevance to their work with students. This energy really exemplifies the kind of student engagement that the District honors. In Little Kids Rock programs, we see students expressing themselves artistically in an accessible and supported manner. In addition, they are composing music therefore flexing their literacy and language skills.” 

Mario Rossero

Director of Department of Arts Education, Chicago Public Schools

“Little Kids Rock has been both leader and partner in our initiative. The organization has provided quality and inspiring trainers as well as a wealth of curriculum materials. We have benefitted from their long-standing research and understanding of modern music’s role in educating kids and communities.”

David Deitz

Fine Arts Education Consultant, Pennsylvania Department of Education

“The flexibility of the Modern Band program is one of the keys that has helped us move forward and what continues to draw teachers in our district to it. It is a way to engage more students in music education and it connects with students that may not feel a draw to the band/chorus/orchestra model.” 

Angela Hartvigsen

Fine Arts Program Specialist, Sarasota County Schools

Little Kids Rock currently serves over 500 districts.

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