Great news! Ear Candy Charity is joining forces with Little Kids Rock to have an even bigger impact on music education!

Welcome Ear Candy Charity supporters! On October 22, 2013, Ear Candy Charity is officially joining forces with Little Kids Rock, the largest non-profit organization providing free musical instruction and instruments to public school children across the country! Read the full press release.

What will happen to Ear Candy Charity?
Little Kids Rock will absorb Ear Candy Charity and will implement its Online Instrument Drive platform. In addition, Ear Candy Charity’s founder, Nate Anderson, will join Little Kids Rock’s staff as the West Coast Director.

How can you help us have a bigger impact / provide music education for even more kids?

Support Little Kids Rock!


Transforming children’s lives by restoring & revitalizing music education in disadvantaged public schools.


A donation of $50 will put a guitar into a child’s hands.


If you would like to ear mark (pun intended) your donation for our 2014 Arizona expansion, you can add a note in the “Special Requests” box on the donation form. If you want to get involved on a significant level, drop Nate a note (; he will be launching an Arizona Council soon to help lead the charge on brining Little Kids Rock to Arizona.


Below is a short Q&A with Nate Anderson (founder of Ear Candy Charity and West Coast Director for Little Kids Rock) with more info.

Why is Ear Candy Charity joining forces with Little Kids Rock?
My vision for Ear Candy Charity was to grow the organization to make a national impact, and joining forces with Little Kids Rock makes this dream a reality! I started Ear Candy Charity nearly six years ago as a passionate fan of music, when I uncovered some holes within our local music education system that needed to be addressed! I fortunately had access to music as a child and that ignited a desire to want to experience and share it as much as possible. By heading this direction we’re able to help significantly more students than staying on our own island and trying to expand.

What does this mean for music programs in Arizona?
Together we’ve impacted tens of thousands of students in AZ giving them musical instruments. Kudos to you for your support! Little Kids Rock currently does not have any programs in Arizona, but is committed to launching a new Little Kids Rock chapter in 2014.

And instead of just providing instruments, like we did, they partner with school districts to train teachers to launch Modern Band music programs, provide them with ongoing professional development, a constant stream of updated and engaging curriculum, and FREE, brand-new instruments. The whole package! Students get to learn music they love (from Lady Gaga to Led Zeppelin) on instruments they want to play: guitars, drums, keyboard, etc. Exciting stuff!

What is your role at Little Kids Rock?

I joined Team Rock as their West Coast Director! That means I’m the guy bringing in resources, recruiting big supporters, lining up strategic partners, and engaging artists so we can ultimately launch MORE programs and help MORE kids! I’ll be splitting my time between Arizona, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

Any other thoughts?
THANK YOU! I cannot thank you enough for your support in helping Ear Candy Charity make a big, local impact and the next chapter of this incredible adventure is an exciting one! I really hope you dig the work we’re doing and together we’ll help a ton of students in Arizona gain access to the musical instruments AND programs that they want!

Music is OUR Future,

Nate Anderson
Founder – Ear Candy Charity
West Coast Director – Little Kids Rock