There are only two weeks until three awesome New York City bands take the stage to help raise funds for music education. Let’s get pumped for this fast-paced fundraiser by meeting the competition! 

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NLX – No Latency Xperience

NLX, otherwise known as No Latency Experience, was formed in late 2014 and quickly became a force on the corporate music scene in New York City. The band has done multiple shows for Charity/Corporate events and has brought awareness to the NASDAQ brand as a creative venture. Since late 2014, they have continued to represent NASDAQ both on and off stage to symbolize excellence and professionalism.

Band members: Pat Gregor – Keyboards, Mike “the Ledge” Leggio – Bass, Jim Lopiano – Guitar, John Mamone – Vocals, Harmonica, Ukulele, Brad Peterson – Harmonica, Ira Reiss – Guitar, Christina Tomarelli – Vocals, Mike Viola – Drums


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Justin Lepone is the lead singer and rhythm guitarist for The Warriors From Mars. His favorite bands include The Doors, Pink Floyd, The Beatles and Smashing Pumpkins. Justin joined Greenlight Capital as Director of Partner Relations in December 2002.

John Ivanac is the lead guitarist for the Warriors from Mars. He has been in a number of bands during his lifetime, which have included live performances and studio recordings of both covers and originals. John’s musical inspiration is grounded in an eclectic mix of artists, with favorite acts including the Doors and the Beatles, the Dandy Warhols, the Cult, and Glass Animals. John is a member of BlackRock’s Global Consultant Relations Group within the Institutional Client Business, responsible for managing relationships with investment consultants with a focus on BlackRock’s suite of alternative products.

Ryan Carter is the bass guitarist for the Warriors From Mars. Ryan began his musical career at a young age and continued playing with his band Soul Clown at Muhlenberg College. He cites Noel Redding, Rick Danko, Phil Lesh, & John Paul Jones as influences. Ryan has worked at toddstreet, a communication and events company, for the past 17 years.

Lauren Fijol is a vocalist in the Warriors from Mars. She met her main squeeze, Kenny Hildebrandt (the keyboardist in the Warriors From Mars), while singing on a cruise ship in Europe. Originally from Chicago, Lauren majored in musical theater, sings in a wedding band with Kenny, and is a certified personal trainer.

Greg Olsten is the drummer in The Warriors From Mars. Greg is ultra-mysterious and would like to keep it that way.



Strumberry Pie LogoStrumberry Pie is a female acoustic duo, made up of Deedee Montanaro and Laura Catalina Johnson, and a full backing band performing covers and originals. Like Sheryl Crowe meets Janis Joplin and the Scorpions, Strumberry Pie features amazing harmonies and unexpected songs not usually performed acoustic OR by women. From pop to classic and hard rock, to indie folk and soul, Strumberry Pie brings variety, strong vocals and a whole lot of flare to the stage with every performance. You can find Pie performing at venues such as: The Strand Theater, Molly Maguire’s, The Downtown Cafe, Taste, The Wine Loft, Bahrs Landing, Connolly’s NYC, the Freehold Accoustic Lounge, The Saint, The Wonder Bar, The Bistro at Grove, the Dauphin Grill, Bank on Mattison, Heritage Bistropub, The Stone Pony, Adam’s Beer Garden and more.


Band Members: Laura Catalina Johnson – Vocals, Guitar, Deedee Montanaro – Vocals, Guitar, Scott Burton – Bass, Mike Sakowski – Drums, Andy Russo – Guitar

In the NYC area? Don’t miss this fun-filled night for a great cause! Learn more here:


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