What People Are Saying

“…Little Kids Rock will impact the lives of children in a meaningful way for many years to come and can create a replicable approach to effective music education in our urban schools.”
– NORMAN ATKINS, Co-Founder North Star Academy Charter School in Newark, New Jersey

“…Music is like the key to the soul; it means everything to me. Everybody should have music in their lives.”
– DEE, Little Kids Rock student, age 14

“Little Kids Rock has provided us a major vehicle for learning. The changes in my students these past few months in this regard have been amazing!”
– VAL HASKELL, Special Education Teacher, San Francisco, California

“Little Kids Rock does a great job getting kids excited about music, picking up the slack from budget cuts to music programs in our schools. They deserve our support!”
– BONNIE RAITT, Honorary Board Member of Little Kids Rock