What People Are Saying

“We welcome the support and expansion of Modern Band in schools with the substantial teacher training and instrument support that Little Kids Rock can provide. I have seen the program at work in schools and teachers buy-in is genuine and substantial. Mostly importantly, the student learning is apparent and carefully guided.”
– PAUL KING, Executive Director Office of Arts and Special Projects New York City Department of Education

““I never thought that a music program in schools could change someone’s life…it helps with self-confidence, it helps with social skills, it helps with so much in a lot of aspects. I think Little Kids Rock not only benefits kids musically, but also academically and socially and with everything else.”
– LAMIYA, Little Kids Rock student, age 14

“Little Kids Rock has infected my teaching as well as my life, reminding me of what it was like to first learn how to play in a band and how important it is to share that meaningful students with the kids looking for it. Now it’s about the kids’ dreams and that’s even cooler.”
– JOHN FLORA, Franklin L. Williams M.S.#7, Jersey City, NJ

“We are not only talking about the future of music we are talking about the future of our country we are talking about the future, our future period.!”
– SMOKEY ROBINSION, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and Little Kids Rock Supporter