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What does Little Kids Rock do?

Little Kids Rock provides instruction, instruments and professional development to K-12 and collegiate educators. Our work transforms lives by restoring, expanding, and innovating music programs in schools across the country. Together, our educators have brought the transformational gift of music education to more than 1,000,000 students.

Our inclusive, student-centered approach helps increase children’s access to music education. We are pioneers in the field of modern band music programming and work with teachers, administrators, school districts, and colleges to build large-scale music programs that are as diverse as the students they serve.

How do I apply to become a Little Kids Rock teacher?

Please click here to submit your application.

How do I bring Little Kids Rock's modern band programming to my city?

Even if your school does not participate in the program, free modern band music lessons are available to you. Interested in learning more? We invite you to apply for an upcoming Little Kids Rock professional development course! You can also get a modern band program started in your area by speaking to your school or district administrator and encouraging them to connect with us by emailing

I have submitted my application to become a Little Kids Rock teacher. Now what?

Thanks for your application! We will review your application carefully and contact you via email to let you know if you have been accepted. If there is no course currently scheduled for you to join, your name will be added to a waitlist and we will contact you as soon as we schedule another course.

Can my child participate?

Little Kids Rock classes are available only to students attending schools where our program is offered. Even if your school does not participate in the program, free Little Kids Rock music lessons are available to you.

What grades does Little Kids Rock serve?

Little Kids Rock serves students from K-12.

What is the Little Kids Rock methodology?

Little Kids Rock has pioneered a method of musical instruction that captures students’ attention and imagination right away. By emphasizing performance and composition over reading notes, students develop a musical voice and acquire musical skills at an accelerated pace. Like language, music is primarily a vehicle for human communication. We feel that these similarities have implications for the way that music should be taught to children. Much like the Suzuki Method, our approach is deliberately non-notational. However, instead of focusing on a classical repertoire, we begin with the popular musical styles and instruments with which students are already familiar.

What do Little Kids Rock students learn?

Little Kids Rock students learn to play styles of music that are familiar to them, such as rock, pop, rap, and R&B. Heavy emphasis is placed on performance, composition, and improvisation. Check out our free Little Kids Rock music lessons.

Why popular music?

All music is made up of the exact same building blocks. The music of Beethoven, the Beatles, and Beyoncé all use the same basic notes and chords. Viewed through this lens, musical genre becomes a secondary consideration in education. A student who feels comfortable playing rock, pop, or R&B music will be well-equipped to begin studying other musical forms as their musicianship develops.

Returning Teacher FAQ

Instruments & Materials

What can I do if my students do not have their own instruments at home?

We understand that many students don’t possess their own instruments and that this can make remote music instruction tricky. That’s why we have assembled a number of solutions for making music without instruments on our Remote Learning Resources page. Here you’ll find our video lessons on no-instruments-required music-making, including vocals, body drumming, junk drumming, songwriting, digital music production, and more, as well as a huge collection of recommended resources from around the web. Additionally, we encourage you to join our Little Kids Rock Teachers Facebook group, where teachers are discussing and sharing lesson plans and ideas for remote instruction every day.

I am in need of more instruments for my classroom. Is Little Kids Rock able to donate instruments to my program?

Our instrument grants are based on local funding. If we receive funding to provide instruments in your area, we will let you know.

I will be teaching remotely/a different subject this year. What happens to my Little Kids Rock-donated instruments?

Rest assured that donated instruments will remain in your care and will not be redistributed during the 2020-2021 school year. However, if you leave your district, or if there is a change in subject(s) you’re in the 2021-2022 school year, please let us know, as we will want to make sure your instruments can continue to be used by another teacher in your school or district. See next answer for more details.

I have changed schools or left the profession. What happens to my Little Kids Rock-donated instruments?

Our instrument policy (as per the Little Kids Rock principal consent form) is that the instruments that were donated to your program can travel to your next school assignment as long as it is within your current district. If you leave the district, the instruments will be redistributed to another Little Kids Rock program in need, or alternatively, the next teacher in your position can take over the program and utilize donated instruments. If a new teacher plans to use the instruments, please send us their contact information or that of someone that we can reach out to at the school to get their information. In this instance, please reach out to to let us know.

Can I purchase instruments through Little Kids Rock?

Our instrument purchasing program is currently on hold due to circumstances arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. When the program resumes, we will let the teacher community know.

I would like to purchase Little Kids Rock t-shirts/posters/Jam Cards. Where can I do that?

Please visit our Little Kids Rock Store to purchase these items! Alternatively, you can download the files from the Jam Zone and print your own.


Where can I find Little Kids Rock’s curricular resources?

Our award-winning Modern Band Method book series is the first of its kind: an instructional method for popular music ensembles to students and teachers everywhere. Published by Hal Leonard, the books can be purchased online in both print and digital format. For free online curricular content including video lessons, games, song charts, and more for teachers and students, visit our Jam Zone site.


How can I meet and connect with fellow modern band teachers?

The best place to connect with modern band educators around the country is on our Little Kids Rock Teachers Facebook group, with over 1,600 members sharing resources, discussing best practices, and asking questions every day.

Is there anywhere else I can go to get answers about questions for my classroom?

Once again, the Little Kids Rock Teachers Facebook group is the perfect resource! Not only can you join in the discussion and learn from your colleagues in modern band education, but the group is also home to virtual panels, professional development sessions, teacher meetups, and more where you can connect and get the answers you need.

I have a question specific to my city/district/area/region. Is there a local Little Kids Rock representative I can reach out to?

Please email us at and we will connect you with the right person or information for your question.


How do I register as a Little Kids Rock teacher?

Teachers should have received their personalized registration links via email in early September. Make sure to check your spam or promotions folder if you do not see it in your inbox. Can’t find it? No problem! Send us an email at and we’ll get you a new one.

What are the benefits of becoming a registered Little Kids Rock teacher?

Professional Development

What new professional development sessions will Little Kids Rock be holding?

To view our upcoming professional development, click here.


What are the requirements for starting the new school year as a Little Kids Rock teacher?

In order to remain a Little Kids Rock teacher, you must complete your annual registration survey each fall. If you didn’t receive this and need a new copy sent to you, let us know at

What new resources does Little Kids Rock have to offer for the 2020-21 school year?

Little Kids Rock has developed new courses aimed at digital and blended learning for districts as well as asynchronous curricular resources. To view upcoming professional development options, click here. Also make sure to check out some of the remote learning strategies created by fellow educators for our 2020 Virtual Modern Band Summit! Certified Little Kids Rock teachers can also access free and discounted resources from our partners, including Masterclass,, Fender Play, and more on our Teacher Deals Page.

Where can I learn about best practices for remote learning?

Our first-ever virtual conference for teachers, the Virtual Modern Band Summit, featured dozens of teachers presenting on the topic of Digital & Distance Disruption. Teachers can view the video replays of these sessions for free.

Who can I reach out to if I need help?

Write to us anytime at, or call our Teacher Support Line at 973-746-7078!


We would like to visit a Little Kids Rock classroom for a story. What steps must be taken?

In order for students’ images to be disseminated in any way, a media release form for the student(s) in question must be obtained through Little Kids Rock. Our media release form protects us as well as any organizations with which we do business. To request photo assets, please contact

I want to write a story on Little Kids Rock. Where can I get more detailed information or schedule an interview?

For more information, please visit our Media Resources page. To schedule an interview with Little Kids Rock Founder & CEO, Dave Wish, or a member of our staff, please email

Interested Parties

I am interested in partnering my organization with Little Kids Rock. Who do I contact?

Please send an email to

I am interested in donating money to Little Kids Rock. How do I do so?

Please visit the Donate Now page to donate money to Little Kids Rock.

I want to volunteer my time. What do I do?

Please send an email to

I have instruments to donate. Who do I contact?

Please send an email with your location and instrument description (model, condition, etc) to

I am interested in raising money for Little Kids Rock. Who do I contact?

Please send a detailed email to

How do I get Little Kids Rock programs to my child’s school?

The best way to get the program started in your area is to speak with administrators or teachers from your district and encourage them to work with us. You can direct your child’s teacher to apply for an upcoming Little Kids Rock professional development.

Question not answered? Contact Little Kids Rock at