Modern Band Rockfest 2016 Recap

In July 2016, 300 music teachers, higher education leaders, arts partners and district administrators from across the US and the world convened at Colorado State University for Little Kids Rock’s 4th Annual Modern Band Rockfest.


This was more than just a music conference…

  • It was a share-fest of ideas, teaching methods, and curricular content.
  • It was an inspirational meeting of some of the most creative, musical minds in public education.
  • It was an epic, four-day jam session.
  • It was a party!
  • It was a celebration of the heroes – our teachers – who spent a week of their summers learning new and innovative ways to educate and engage their students.
  • It was a massive leap forward for the Modern Band movement that is championing youth-centered music education.
  • It was a turning point for the work we do at Little Kids Rock to unlock children’s inner music makers.

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Even though this is the fourth year we have held this conference, 2016 was special. Thank you to all who attended for being a part of this movement, which is transforming the lives of teachers and students all over the United States by restoring, expanding, and innovating music education in our schools. We couldn’t do it without you!

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