Josef Desimone (right), posing with Little Kids Rock founder David Wish (center) and chef Dean Spinks (left)

Josef Desimone (right), posing with Little Kids Rock founder David Wish (center) and chef Dean Spinks (left)

Photo Credit: Kristin LittleFacebookSammy Hagar and Matt Sorum pose with Culinary Overlord Josef Desimone (pictured center to the left of Hagar) and the amazing team of chefs at Facebook who donated their time, services and delicious food!

In Memoriam: Josef Desimone

Facebook’s Culinary Overlord Helped Bring Music Education Into Thousands Of Kids’ Lives

Like many, many people, we at Little Kids Rock are devastated and heartbroken by Josef Desimone’s untimely passing on Monday, July 22 in a tragic motorcycle accident. Josef had a huge heart and gave generously of himself to our kids. He single-handedly arranged and threw a benefit event at Facebook HQ and was in the midst of planning another event for our kids this year. Josef had rock and roll in his soul. He was a musician himself and contributed generously of his time and resources to ensure that kids of all economic backgrounds had access to the transformational power of music education.

I have been running Little Kids Rock for 11 years, and Josef was, hands down, one of the coolest people with whom I have ever had the privilege of partnering. He gave with an open heart and an open hand. He was so kind to our kids and took such genuine pleasure in seeing them play and talking with them.

I remember a conversation he had with Ashley, one of our students that performed at last year’s benefit event with Sammy Hagar. After she got off the stage, Josef said, “You were amazing!” and she lit up like a light bulb. I remember thinking, “This guy is amazing! He has put on this big event for our kids with all of his amazing staff and he’s STILL making time to watch the kids and congratulate and encourage them. That is a rare individual.”

I’m reminded of The Beatles prescient closing line on Abbey Road: “And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make.”  By that measure, Josef seems to be leaving this world with a lot of love sending him off. He left an amazing legacy behind of giving and helping others. Josef will be missed, but never forgotten.

With a heavy heart,

David Wish,
Founder, Little Kids Rock