At just ten years old, Daphcar Séjour is a strong girl who is out to prove that playing the drums isn’t just for boys.

DaphcarTeachers who have known her since she was five years old describe her as a very enthusiastic, gentle, obedient, and intelligent girl.  She says she wants to prove to her community that drums aren’t only a boy’s instrument, and that a girl can make a difference. It is her desire to be a positive example for others in her community.

Daphcar is an honors student at the Ecole de l’Espoir, a school run by J/P HRO since the days immediately following the 2010 earthquake that destroyed so much of Haiti. Music Heals International, in collaboration with J/P Haitian Relief Organization (J/P HRO) and Little Kids Rock, is providing quality music instruction to school-aged youth in Delmas 32 and in doing so, provides a transformative catalyst in their lives that will inspire them to unleash their creativity and confidence, and live rich, purposeful lives.

At only 10 years old, this is a heavy task to bear, but Daphcar is working little by little toward success. Since joining the Music Heals program, she has wanted to play the drums. Daphcar says the project makes her feel empowered, and she gives the best of herself to every practice session. If a teacher wants a volunteer to try a new song, she always steps up.

Daphcar has a bright future in front of her, and with her sense of rhythm, she makes other people happy and leaves them dancing. Music changes children, and children change the world. Daphcar is proving that each and every day.


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