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Nico Caraballo

Nico Caraballo

Director of Institutional Giving and Research

Operating from a deeply ingrained sense of community, and a desire to help people, Nico Caraballo is an accomplished development and fundraising specialist with more than 16 years of experience procuring federal, state, and private foundation grants. His area of expertise is in nonprofit development, fundraising, grant writing, and event coordination. Nico has a proven track record as a resourceful and strategic planner who develops relationships with government contacts, local businesses, and national foundations in order to cultivate partnerships, expand community outreach, and secure the funding for successful program implementation.

Additionally, Nico is an articulate communicator and respected leader who collaborates with clients and cross-functional team members, and stakeholders to drive business development, enhance educational resources, and advance organizational goals. As Director of Institutional Giving and Research, Nico is working with the Chief Development Officer to create and implement a fundraising strategy for institutions, corporate foundations, and local funders. Nico brings his years of experience and expertise with nonprofit development, management, and fundraising, municipal fundraising, and politics to Little Kids Rock in order to help further its mission. His passion for music and singing has led him to Little Kids Rock where his professional skills intersect with his personal passion.

In his personal life, Nico is a singer who at one point was pursuing a career in the music industry. He studied philosophy at Swarthmore College, where he sharpened his writing skills. While at Swarthmore, Nico participated with the A Capella group Black Coffee, and the A Capella group The Inspiration from the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn). Although Nico found a career in Nonprofit Development, he still has a passion and love for singing.